Safety testing is a paramount, and we take it seriously. All of our inflatables have an annual test carried out by an outside registered testing company to comply with the government guidance HSG175

It was a fine day at our base when we aired our inflatables for their annual test. Seventeen inflatables received their ADIPS inspection along with five others for a structural test. New inflatables have PIPA “tags”.

Inflatable Safety Testing

Independent Testing

To comply with HSE guidance we use an external company to test our inflatables. John H Rundles carried out the testing and logged results on the ADIPS system. Two of their testers methodically ran through our inflatables whilst we set up and pack away again around them. We had ten knockout staff ready on hand to help. All of the inflatables passed, and without any advisories noted.

Our inflatables laid out for their annual safety testing
The Inflatables getting laid out for their annual tests

Safety Testing.

ADIPS are one of the three registration schemes supported by the HSE. The other two are PIPA, which we use for new inflatables to demonstrate compliance, and BACTA (which is not for inflatable testing). The testers on the day checked a number of things. Including:
The anchor points (the number and their positioning).
Inflatable integrity.
The seams and stitching.
Deflation speed.
Internal unit pressure.

We don’t just annually test our inflatables. They also receive a daily check each use.

Our Maze inflatable receiving its annual safety testing
Inflatable Annual Tests


Using ADIPS (and PIPA) for test certificates means they can be independently checked. In the days of Photoshop using an independent company to test and an independent registration body to host the checks mean that you can trust our process and certification.

Check for yourself !

Here’s how you can check our DOC’s (Declaration of Operational Compliance) for yourself. Our Mangle inflatable has the ADIPS ID of 14167. Go to the ADIPS Check A Doc page and put the Mangle Inflatable ID in and you will see it’s compliance. Our PIPA registered inflatables checkable via the “Check Tag” search on the PIPA website.

An ADIPS inspector performing annual safety testing
A Rundles tester checking the inflatables bed seams.

Previous Safety Blogs.

We have a previous blog about safety that may be of interest. This was Event Safety 2022 where we looked at this subject last year.

The Knockout Challenge CEO and owner Phil Pike is also Chair of the Amusement Devices Safety Council (ADSC) and consults and advises on safety within the industry.

Controller’s Pack.

Our Controller’s Pack is available to clients. This Pack contains all of our compliance documents. The Pack includes the following:
Our Risk Assessments (Method, Operational, Fire, and Covid).
Health & Safety Policy.
Emergency Procedures.
Safety Certificates (inflatables, electrical, LOLER).
Staff Training records.
Maintenance records (First aid box checklist, fire extinguishers records).
Plan diagrams.


With all of our safety procedures in place, and great It’s A Knockout games, contact us now for a KNOCKOUT day of fun!