2023 is our 30th anniversary of It’s A Knockout, so here is a reminiscing blog looking back at 1990’s It’s A Knockout when it all started.

1993, When it all began.

Knockout Challenge is not a spur off of another company. It all began for us back in 1993. Phil Pike, the owner of Knockout Challenge in his past days was a Punch & Judy man (Oh yes he was!). Whilst at a fun day, he was asked to compere on an It’s A Knockout when the compere had to leave early. “Yes of course” was his reply.

After a game he asked the knockout supplier what the next game was. He was told “I don’t know, we sort of make it up as we go along, what do you suggest for a game?” So Phil said “Well, you have a paddling pool with water in it. Why not do a tug-of-war. The losing team will be pulled into the pool?”

“That’s a good idea” was the reply. This prompted Phil to think, “Wow, I’m thinking up games and I don’t even do knockout. Why don’t I start?” And he did…

The First Games.

It all started small, but it wasn’t long before it all took off. The early games involved bolting scaffolding together, painted scenery and home made dromedary horse/animal costumes (thank you Mum).

Early games included the Castle of Doom, The Spongy Run and Dromedary Derby. It would take us four hours and eight people to set up the games. We also used an inflatable pool which took 2,000 gallons of water. Back in those days, wasting water was not an issue like it is now.

1990’s It’s A Knockout

We look back at fondness to the early days. Phil came into the business with fresh-eyes, new to the scene. The games Knockout Challenge offer have always been a little different to others. It’s a cross between the “running around”, “entertainment” and being “visual”. It’s a show, for competitors and spectators. Just like is was on the TV.

Some of the games we ran back in the 90’s unfortunately just wouldn’t work now. It’s a shame. The world has moved on.

Knockout Challenge Highlights.

Over the past 30 years we’ve had some great fond memories that are cherished. Amongst them was working Keith Chegwin many times and working for the BBC. We’ve been as far north as Inverness, as far south as Portugal. And, as far east as Kuwait.

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