Wacky School Sports Day Games.

We love our It’s A Knockout games with their colourful inflatables, costumes, water and bubbles. Sometimes though, clients want something a little less involved for their day. This may be because of running length of the games, restrictive space available or activity level of the games. For days such as this we can offer our Wacky School Sports Day games.

Our Wacky School Sports Day games are ideal for this. Lasting from 60 minutes to 120 minutes we can tailor the length of the games and fitness level needed to suit the participants taking part. This smaller scale of games for the days where a little less activity is required. Great for days with up to 50 people, the starting price covers up to 8 teams of 8 taking part and the games need about the size of a tennis court of two in space.

Back to School.

The eight games take you back to the school sports day’s of old. There is a great mix of games including the usual Sack Race, Egg & Spoon and Skipping Race amongst the wacky games set. We set up the games and run them for you, plus do all the scoring and presentation. You sit back and enjoy the fun.

Availability is limited for this set of games as our It’s A Knockout’s take priority in our diary. We do not supply a PA sound system with this set of games and it travels on a LWB transit type van.

Day theming ideas.

We have some great ideals of how to use the games to add extra theming and activity to the wider day and help make the experience even more entertaining. This includes some fun games, activities and competitions to include.

School Sports Day / Knockout Games Combo.

The Sports Day games can be added to one of our knockout’s to give a great combo of games. They work particular well with our Mini Knockout or Bronze Show games. They are available as a five game and full eight game version. Please contact us for details of how this can help complement your day. Why not give it a try for your team building day?

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