This year, 2023 marks 30 years of Knockout Challenge providing It’s A Knockout games. When looking back at the early days it’s easy to see how far we’ve come over the years. In the early days of using bails of hay, paddling pools and home made dromedary costumes. We now have spent 30 years of honing our games to be leaders in supplying It’s A Knockout games.

Air Ambulance Charity Knockout
Air Ambulance Charity Knockout

Three Decades Of Fun

Knockout Challenge started after its owner was asked to commentate at an event where someone else was supplying the games. Within minutes he was suggesting ways to make the games funnier and this inspired the thought “I can do this better”. And then Knockout Challenge was born. Each year the games and experience grew and grew. By the year 2000 we were supplying games to BBC Northern Island for their Town Challenge series and were off to Kuwait for a month to help them celebrate Hala February (their liberation festival).

Kuwait Hala February Festival 2000
Kuwait Hala February 2000

Over the years we have accumulated some great stories, experiences and memories. Later this year we’ll be publishing a blog with images of our early games and over the years. Readers will see from this how far our games have progressed over three decades.

30 Years of Knockout Challenge.

In the early years we were bolting scaffolding sets together, filling swimming pools and working ad-hoc. It took 8 staff four hours to set our games up in the early years. Now, we are a mean-clean-fighting-machine, 6 staff can set our Silver Show up in a fast 90 minutes. We now have thirty years of experience of running games, what works, what is funny and what is safest. This makes us leaders and pioneers in our field.

2002 It’s A Knockout

The best of the best.

In 2023 we are bringing back a few of our favourite games that we have ran over the years. Contact us for our 2023 games lists to see which ones to see if your favourite is back. We have formatted our games for inclusivity. Our promise is that, everyone, in every team gets to take part in every game (if they want to).

2022 Rotary It's A Knockout
2022 Charity Knockout

We won’t let you down.

Customer service is something we pride ourselves on. We are helpful and listen. Alarmingly, every year we get more than a handful of short notice requests to cover for our competitors who have let down their customers. Sometimes at just a few days notice. Sometimes, customers use a competitor for a following year thinking they will get variety next time. However, we were beaming last year when we had a call. One such client contacted us within hours of their 2022 day to say “Please come back we want you next year”. No one does it like us!

You can out more about Knockout Challenge by reading our About Us page.

Image of teams at a 1990's Knockout Challenge
1990’s Knockout Challenge