Agency and Event Management work

Our knockout’s are available for agency bookings. Many agencies and event management companies use our games for their clients corporate days and conferences. With us working under the agency’s banner for the day. After all, there aren’t many companies out there who supply specialist It’s A Knockout games packages using specially made inflatables and games. Agencies will simply sub-contract this work out to a core specialist supplier like us.

Why Choose Us?

So why should an agency be reassured when sub-contracting their knockout work out to us. Here are a few reasons:

  • We can operate un-branded without our phone numbers etc visible on our equipment.
  • Our staff will wear your own branded uniform if required.
  • We offer commissionable and net rates.
  • We will work under your banner and not give out our own contact details.
  • Client agencies can benefit from free event safety advice.
  • All guidance & regulations are adhered to.
  • We’re friendly and professional and will treat you and your client with the upmost respect.

Working under your agency banner.

Agencies sometimes feel apprehensive when they sub-contract out. Many agencies do not have their own equipment, so they contract the likes of us to supply an “It’s A Knockout”. But they wish for the appearance that the games are still an in-house affair. We can cover contact details etc on our trucks and will wear agency branded clothing if asked. Our staff are briefed before hand so not to be caught unawares as well. We will say we are part of your company.

We promise not to steal your clients.

Get the experts in.

Because you are contacting a specialist in supplying games, be assured that we run things according to the guidance and regulations. Event organisers may find that they are unaware of these. We give a free advisory service to agencies that use us to help in areas they are unfamiliar with. This includes HSG195, HSG175 and BSEN14960. Further details of safety can be read on our Safety Procedures page.

Best Games for your clients.

Every supply companies idea of What is an It’s A Knockout is different. Varying to the amount of inflatables used, if there are costume games and how the actual games format is ran. We’ve been supplying It’s A Knockout games for over 30 years. Our knockout’s have specially designed games with lots of team building and interaction. Great for all ages and abilities. With us, it’s all about the games.

It’s not just about the knockout

It’s not just about the knockout games. We have other ideas that can be used to expand on the games part of the day with other team building type workshops. These lead up to the games part of day with activities that complement the physical session. This is ideal for multi-day events.

Agency & unbranded games sheets

We have unbranded versions of our games picture sheets that are available to use in your proposals. Or, will happily re-brand our literature to help tie everything under your own branding. Our games can also be tailored to you clients requirements. Just let us know the brief and we will work with you to give your client the best day ever.

Contact Us.

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