An Overview of our Packages.

We have grouped our games into different sizes of packages, each set suitable for different types and scales of event. The smallest set of games we offer is our Mini Knockout which has six games. This package is ideal for up to 60 people wanting to take part in a little team building fun. The largest set of games we offer is our Gold Show which is ideal for a large spectacle day where added “Wow factor” is needed.  All of our sets of games are scalable as extra games can be added. Plus all our sets of games can have extra teams added.

From 30 to 2,000, we have an Its A Knockout package ideal for your event.

The Factors in choosing.

As a guide, we suggest choosing the set of games which matches the amount of people taking part. So for small team building type events, the Mini Knockout might suit best. Whereas, if you have 2,000 scouts (or delegates) then we’d suggest our Gold Show. These are the things that help choose…

  •  How many are taking part in the games.
  •  What is their level of fitness and the level of adrenaline games needed.
  •  How much room there is for the games.
  •  How long the games need to last.
  •  The Wow Factor needed.

Please use the buttons below to visit the page for each set of games. More importantly, Contact Us so that we can help you chose the best set of games and make you day fondly remembered for a long time afterwards.

Mini Knockout

An image of our Bronze Games

Silver Show Games

An image of our Gold Games