Each year our It’s A Knockouts travel the UK. Some of theses are for events, festivals, town shows and charity days where the general public are invited to enter teams. As a service to these clients that are seeking public teams, below are some of the dates where small groups of people can enter a team into someone else’s event day.

We have many dates that are private, youth and company ones. By their nature these will be closed to outside people entering teams. The dates below are not a Diary Date Sheet and also differ from our discount dates listed in our blog section of the website. 

Events 2024 Dates.

Below are dates (so far at time of publishing) that are open to the public in general. The organiser will almost definitely ask for an entrance fee for your team to take part. This fee is set by them and you will entering under their conditions.


11th May, Strathclyde.

1st June, Hastings.

16th June, Dudley.

28th June, Colchester.

7th July, Meltham.

14th July, Enfield.

3rd August, Wirral.

4th August, Denbighshire.

18th August, Arundel.

24th August, Glasgow.

25th August, Barrow.

1st September, Haverfordwest.

14th September, Hull.

28th & 29th September, Jersey.


As the events list info above is constantly updating, please refer back to this page or contact us for a current update. Contact Us to enter a team into a public event It’s A Knockout show in 2024. We will pass your details onto the relevant event organiser or charity for them to contact you direct.

Social Networking.

We often promote and announce our Events on our social network. Here are our handles to explore further:
Facebook: KnockoutChallenge
Twitter: ItsAKnockoutUK
Instagram: KnockoutChallenge

If you are an event organiser, we will promote your day through our network as a Thank You for using us. After all, a day that’s well for you, works well for us as well. We have various publicity ideas, media and images in the Client part of our website to help organisers prepare for and promote their day to its fullest.