Fundraising Events For Charity.

Hiring one of our colourful It’s A Knockout’s is ideal for Charity Fundraising purposes. A charity It’s A knockout helps raise money whilst giving the participants and spectators a fun day in the process. Not only does it generate money and future contacts, but it gives great publicity and local interest for their cause. This gives great PR & networking opportunities and builds many “bridges” for the future.

A Charity It's A knockout

It’s A Knockout Charity Events.

Many charities and organisations have used our knockouts year on year for this purpose. When scoring the games,  we can also give bonus points according to how much they’ve raised for you. So, the more money they raise, the more points they start with! This is a great incentive to entice the teams to raise more than the entry amount that is asked for.

With the right planning and publicity, charity events, and charity “It’s A Knockout’s” are a great and worthwhile event to hold. For those who are looking for the first time at this type of event, look through our blogs.  This will give an idea about the various ways that an event can generate money. Two particular blog articles for charities that are a great read is Charity Teams FAQ’s and How to raise money for charity.

A Fundraising It's A knockout

All the team members can be given sponsorship forms to help raise money by approaching friends etc. As an example, each team member approaches 20 friends and gets a £5 sponsorship from each (= £100.00), times by ten people in a team = £1,000.00 for the team !

We also have other sponsorship ideas that help raise money such as game sponsorship. Please Contact Us for details.

We a number of dates where we can discount our prices because we are travelling because of other knockouts already booked with us. If you’d like to benefit from one of our discount dates, therefore maximising the charities profit, please see our Discount Knockout Dates 2024 blog for details.


Which Set of Games to Book?

We offer three sets of standard packages of games that are suitable for Charity Fundraising events, each suited to different scales of day.  Click below for basic details or call us to talk you through your ideas. We suggest the set of games that matches the scale of day and number of teams taking part. However, we would always recommend the Bronze Show as an ideal choice if you’ve not ran such an event before. It is a great stepping stone into these types of days giving the most return for a cause.

For Charity Fundraising events we suggest the following (Click on the badge to go to that set of games).

Or Contact Us to talk us through your requirements and we can give you suggestions and formats that suit you. More info about fundraising can be found in our blog How to raise money for charity.

A Fundraising TeamA photo taken at one of our charity eventsA Charity Fundraising Team