It’s A Knockout  Challenge

2023 was our 30th anniversary of providing It’s A Knockout up and down the UK and beyond. We are the market leaders  in It’s A Knockout games. Ideal for community days such as Town or Village Shows, Charity Fundraising events and Family Fun Days. Also great for Company family days, Team Building events or days with big numbers such as School/Youth Activity Events. Whether you have 30 to 2,000 people an Its A Knockout from Knockout Challenge will make your day shine for all the right reasons. People in teams taking part in funny and entertaining games. Our promise…
Everyone in every team gets the opportunity to take part in every game if they want to.
No one gets left out !!

“Applications”, Our Games Can Be Used For…

Charity Fundraising

Our It’s A Knockouts are ideal for Charity Fundraising. Hiring one of our colourful It’s A Knock...

Town & Village Shows

Give your community day an exciting and colourful focal point. Our sets of games are great for commu...

Family Fun Days

Family Fundays. One of our It’s A knockout’s makes a great centre-piece for family fundays. Our ...

Team Building

Knockout Challenge for Team Building. Our games ideal for team building. From 30 to 2,000 people we ...

Schools & Colleges

Our “It’s A Knockout” games are ideal for events where there are lots of teams taking part, su...

Our Packages

  An Overview of our Packages. We have grouped our games into different sizes of packages, each...

Dressing Up Costume Games

Everyone loves the dressing up costume games. Our Bronze Show and Silver Show both have two dressing costume games each. The Gold Show has three such games. We are the only It’s a knockout to use so many dressing up costume games.

Our games packages include colourful inflatable obstacles, costumes, specially made props. Team games, relay games, inflatable games, team building games, and of course the wet and bubble games. If you’re planning a day for 30 to 2,000 competitors we have an It’s A Knock Out games hire package ideal for you!

It’s A Knockout Ideas

For an idea of the type of people that book us, please see the options on the “Applications” link in the menu or the top image boxes on this page. These pages also give suggestions as to which set of games might suit the best for each type of event. Then refer to our Packages tab on the menu to see which version of our games suits your day the best. As an initial guide, we’d suggest the set of games that primarily matches the amount of people taking part in the fun.

Our Main It’s A Knockout Games For Hire

Gold Show

Our Gold Show It’s A Knockout is ideal for the bigger and grander day. It has 12 games and needs a...

Silver Show

Our Silver It’s A Knockout games package has eight games and needs just over half the size of a fo...

Bronze Show

The Bronze Show has seven games, and at it’s starting price covers up to 9 teams (of 10) taking p...

Exciting Knock-Out Games.

We pride ourselves that our games, their content, and the way that we run them, offer unbeatable fun. The games format is packed full of excitement that will make your day fondly remembered for long afterwards. We’ve thought seriously about the fun in our It’s A Knockout games. They have full-blown action, without the need to add running around on the grass just to pad their content out. We’ve created some really great and unique entertaining games for people to enjoy. Some games are wet games, some dry ones. There are some that need team cooperation and helping each other. Some games that need a bit of agility or speed.
The combination of all this is what makes our games packages unique and ideal for participation and activity events.

To read more about our games see the blog Great Knockout Games.

Knockout Competition!

Our games are set out in an arena fashion and ran as a spectator event. This makes them a great focal attraction for any fun day. Whilst the teams are taking part in the games, their supporters can be cheering them on at the side-lines. Please look through our site then Contact Us to see how we can entertain you and your guests or colleagues for the day.

Watch Some Of Our Great Games !

Events & Enter A Team.

Not an event organiser but wishing to take part in one of our knockout games days? Then please see our Events Page for a list of our public and charity days where the general public are invited to enter teams. If you are an organiser, we will place your day on this page as thank you for using us.

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