Safety 2024

Each year we post a blog on our website regarding current safety. We usually post this just after we’ve had our inflatable tested for the coming season. Here is our safety 2024 blog.

To comply with the Health & Safety guidance HSG175, all of our equipment is tested (at least) annually. Testing needs to be carried out by an independent tester (in other words not self-tested) and not a tester that was involved in the manufacture. This tester must also be regarded as ‘competent’.


We address this by using ADIPS as our testing scheme. This is because ADIPS is recognised as being fit for purpose and is supported by the HSE. ADIPS testers are audited by the scheme to show diligence with their practices. Clients can also check our safety certificates online on the ADIPS website to show authenticity (i.e. no Photoshopping)

Knockout Safety 2024
Knockout Safety 2024

Our Safety 2024 testing.

Two testers from Rundles took the journey down from Lincolnshire and conducted the testing for us. The ADIPS system logs the test results online. The testing included walking and crawling each inflatable checking the following:

  • The anchor points were sufficient and complied with the guidance BS EN 14960
  • The inflatables seems are intact.
  • There were no splits or wholes in the units.
  • The deflation times of large units complied with the guidelines.
  • Inflatables has a sufficient unit pressure of 1kpa or above.
A check of the unit pressure using a manometer.
A check of the unit pressure using a manometer.

Staff Training

Safety is a two part process. The testing process is like a car MOT. Staff training is the ‘driving licence’ part. Whilst a roadworthy car is important, the driver needs to be competent as well. We have active staff training to address this. Our knockout safety 2024 has already included attending a Safety Health Awareness Day ran by ADIPS.

Subjects covered included maintenance, the keeping of records, electrical safety and inflatable safety. Other training has also been scheduled. See Our Safety Procedures page for more details.

checking the slide inflatable
Knockout Safety 2024

Previous Safety Blogs

There is more information on safety in the following blogs and website pages:

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Contact Us.

Please contact us if you have any questions about safety either as part of It’s A Knockout or broadly connected with running events.