Games Safety

This is our new Games Safety Page and it will list all of our health and safety measures, protocols and training.

We are told by many that our safety measures and protocols make us the reassuring choice when booking an It’s A knockout. Many companies and charities realize that by using a provider that is hot-on safety, this makes their life easier. They can rest-assured they are using a responsible games company.

Event Organisers Responsibility.

Many organisers do not necessarily know what regulations need to be complied with. They rely on their suppliers to adhere to the law and not hood-wink them as to what should be done. Unfortunately in today’s internet world appearance sometimes does not materialise as expected. How can an organiser be assured that they have fully discharged their responsibility and liability legally?

An image of the manufacturers sticker which is on all of our inflatables
An image of the manufacturers sticker which is on all of our inflatables

Safety Testing.

Our inflatables are made in the UK to BSEN14960 standard. Our in-service safety certification is via the ADIPS or PIPA registration schemes. What does this all of this mean for our clients?

Inflatable Testing.

  • Inflatables are tested independently to the criteria set out in the HSE guidance HSG175.
  • Our certificates can be independently verified on the PIPA and ADIPS websites (no PhotoShopping!)
  • These two schemes are supported by the HSE. This is because ADIPS and PIPA audit their testers to ensure they test diligently.
ADIPS Your Ride Checker
The ADIPS ‘Your Ride Checker’ initiative.

Other Assurances.

  • Every tie point (anchor point) on every inflatable is used (even the high ones). This is the law.
  • We adhere is HSG175 and BSEN14960.
  • We place fire extinguishers where needed.
  • Earthing rods are used on our generators.
  • We are registered with ADIPS as a Controller (operator), ID AH1006

Other Checks.

  • All our equipment gets a recorded Daily Check (electrical and inflatable).
  • We erect a omnidirectional wind meter on site and record readings during the day (image below).
  • Inflatable unit pressure tests are also carried out as per HSE guidance.
One of our wind meters
One of our Wind Meters.


We have CPD initiative for our staff. In the last 12 months various staff have undergone CPD including, inflatable operator training, IOSH Leading Safety and first aid EFAW. Customers can view these in our Controller Pack. Similar training has already started in 2024.

Our Controller’s Pack

We have compiled a pack of all of our compliance documentation. This includes:

  • Our in-service DOC’s (Declaration’s of Operational Compliance), including LOLER and PAT.
  • Risk Assessments (Method, operational, fire and covid),
  • Emergency procedures,
  • Health & Safety Policy,
  • Staff Training records,
  • Event plan,
  • Insurance,
Our Silver Show Controllers Pack
Our Silver Show Controller’s Pack has 56 pages of compliance documents.

Safety Seminars.

Knockout Challenge owner Phil Pike, now provides safety seminars for the industry including local authorities and SAG’s (Safety Awareness Groups). Please contact us if you would like him to provide one for your organisation. These are available in two forms, from an operator point of view and enforcing authority view point.

Inflatable Safety Seminar

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