It’s A Knockout Team Building Activities.

Our games ideal for team building. From 30 to 2,000 people we can give your colleagues an entertaining afternoon of fun and games whilst getting them into the team spirit. Many of our games have team elements built into them. Much of the time though they will be too bust enjoying themselves to notice this.

Team Building Games

Team Building Ideas.

There are a few questions to ask when choosing which set of games we offer.

  •  How “fit” are your delegates or colleagues? Sometimes it’s better to have a smaller set of games that is less challenging if you have lots of “unfit” types of people.
  •  How long do you want the games to last? A couple of hours? The whole afternoon? All day?
  •  How many might be taking part. We suggest matching the scale of games to the number taking part.
  •  Do you want the wet/bubble games? The games can be kept dry if it will be difficult to get people changed afterwards. Many of our games have “dry versions” available in this instance.
  •  How much space is there? Or, what is the access?

If requested, we can include a refreshment break half way through the games so that everyone can have a half-time relax. Usually this is between the dry and wet/bubble games. We also have a few suggestions and ideas of how to make the pre-games part of the day more interactive incorporating elements that help theme the whole day.

Team Building Event Image

Team Building Events.

There are four sets of standard packages of games that are suitable for team building days. Each package is suited to a different scale of day. For example, our Mini Knockout or Mini Plus Knockout are ideal for 30 to 60 people. However, if you want more inflatables and the addition of dressing up games, then the Bronze Show (or larger may be better). Click below for basic details or call us to talk you through your ideas.


So, if you have 30 “officey” people that need a bit of bonding for a couple of hours, we would suggest our Mini Knockout. Or maybe a 100 people and something a little more WOW? Then try our Bronze Show. If you have 120 “fit and young” energetic people, our Silver Show is ideal. Or, if you have 300 people and want something impressive with lots of games, then our Gold Show is excellent.

Inflatable Bubble GameSteady Eddy gameOne of our Inflatable Obstacles

Need a venue?

Let us know if you are struggling to find a venue for your day. We have an extensive list of venues we have visited over the years and will happily suggest a venue that might suit your requirements.