The Bronze Show at a glance

This is a cut down information page for our Bronze Show. It’s details are:

  • It has eight games as standard (but more can easily be added).
  • Two of these are dressing up costume games.
  • The initial starting price covers up to 12 teams taking part (more can easily be added)
  • The games last about 3 hours (a middle break can be added if required)
  • The games take up just under half the size of a football pitch.
  • A great set of games for charity days.
  • A great mix of inflatable and team building games.
  • The games can be adapted for children’s team making them great for school activity days.
  • Easily expandable to 48 teams per session, multiple sessions can be ran on the same day.

Click here to go to our full Bronze Show information page.

Bubble Cave Game on The Bronze It's A KnockoutSlide Flume GameSteady Eddy Game