Our It’s A Knockout’s are a great way of how to raise money for charity. But for many the ideas of how to monopolise on this are new. Therefore, in this blog we’ll tell organisers of the various ways a knockout can work for them.

Team Entry

Sometimes called sponsorship, the team entry ‘fee’ is the most obvious way to raise money. Set the amount at your own figure. Over the years we’ve seen this set low at £150.00 per team, and up to £1,000 a team (which is becoming more the norm). It will all depend on a number of factors including whether this is the only or best way to gain funds.

Usually, organisers find that there are three types of teams that will apply for the day. Less enthusiastic teams. They barely scramble the entrance money together and don’t really get into the spirit of the day. This could be the local football team who’s ground is being used as a venue and they feel obliged to enter a team.

Next, there are the more enthusiastic teams who do well, raise the entry fee and add great value to the day.

The best ones are the ones who go full speed into being involved. They raise way more than the entry fee (sometimes double). Arrive in fancy dress, which adds atmosphere and fun. They bring lots of supporters with them and make the day a more fun-filled experience. These are your gold teams.

How to raise money for charity
How to raise money for charity

Prizes for the most money raised

We’d suggest a prize for the team that raises the most money for the charity. When publicising the day make it known how teams are raising for your cause. Play them off against each other. Get the atmosphere going. We can also give bonus points for the team that raises the most money as well. This way, if a team says they’re not very ‘fit’, entice them to raise extra so that they start with an advantage.

Sponsorship of the day.

Charities would love the opportunity to get a company to sponsor the whole day for them. It maximises the amount being raised. One thing to remember here is we (unfortunately) have to charge VAT on our games. Charities can not claim VAT back. As an idea, get a company to pay us money direct to be used for an event. This has the advantage that they can claim the VAT back, and the charity has not had to pay it.

The Client Section of our website

To help charities, within the Client Section of our website, we have sample Sponsorship Form’s and Gift Aid Forms they can use. Gift Aid lets charities claim the tax back on donations they have received. Plus there is high resolution images and sample artwork for posters and publicity. This section of our website is password protected and for clients only.

Sponsor’s for each game.

Our Silver Show, for example, has eight games. Get eight companies to sponsor each of the games. Once more the paragraph above regarding VAT could apply. There are a number of enticements that could be offered for ‘sponsorship’. Sponsors can place advert boards or banners near their game. Give a free advert to sponsors in the programme for the day. They can help announce and introduce the game or scores for their game over our P.A. This exposure and publicity is ideal for a company to help contribute to the day.

Other ways to raise money

How else can you raise money for charity? Raffles. Get local businesses to donate prizes. You can use our p.a. to help sell tickets and read the winners out. Think about refreshments, bouncy castles, side-shows and a boot sale.

How to raise money for charity
How to raise money for charity

Find out more

Visit our Fundraising Page for more information. Read more about our It’s A Knockout’s being used for charity and community events.