This Knockout Discountable Dates Page 2023 is a great place to bag yourself a reduced price from us. During the summer months our It’s A Knockout games travel the length and breath of the UK. During this time, we try to create tours of dates (from one to the next). This means that we can cut down on our costs, and then pass these savings onto our clients. Last year at the height of our season fuel was an eye watering £2 a litre, so our travelling costs can really mount up. We are the only knockout company to publish a selection of possible discountable dates on our website.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts.

Below is a list of some of our current discount dates for 2023. The list is generated from our diary where we have gaps or opportunities to offer organisers a reduced fee. For clients that have not yet set a date or if it is flexible, this is a great way to experience our brilliant knockout shows at a discounted price.

For your date to be considered to be discountable it must usually be the day before or after one of those shown below. To maximise the discount it should also be geographically within 125 miles of the area for the best value. To make the list brief, we haven’t mentioned which set of games that the discount would apply to. They are mostly for the Bronze Show or Silver Show. Note, the list can change quickly. So, please contact us and we’ll check it against the current version. This page is not our Date Sheet of bookings, just gaps in the diary.

Discount Dates For 2023.

29th April Gloucester
5th May Burton
6th May Motherwell
10th May Midlands
14th May Greenock
21st May Wiltshire

3rd June Glasgow
24th June Wiltshire

25th June, Midlands/NE England.
29th June Gloucester
5th July, Midlands
6th July, south coast
7th July, Bradford.

9th July, Wirral (Silver Show).
12th July, Staffs (Silver Show)
13th July, Lincoln (Bronze Show)
14th July, Oxfordshire (Silver Show)
17th July, midlands
17th July, Bristol (the day before is the discount day)
19th July, Coventry
20th July, Midlands/NE England (Silver Show)
21st July, Lincoln (Bronze Show, the day after is the discount day)
22nd July, Ayr
30th July, Holyhead
8th August, Skipton
20th August, Midlands
24th August, Notts
Sept 7th, Oxford (the day before is the discount day)
9th & 10th September, Jersey
15th September, Exeter (the day after is the discount day)
17th September, Midlands
23rd September, Wiltshire.

Maximise Your Charity Event.

Use one of our discount dates for your 2023 for your charity day, it’s a great way to maximise the fundraising potential even further. Please contact us if you are organising a charity day and we’ll see if your event can benefit from one of our dates.

Please see the Knockout Challenge Facebook Page for more information.

This list will grow and be updated, so please check back if you wish to benefit from one of our dates for your day.