The year draws to a close and we are looking back on 2022. There are a few things which were great and a sombre moment as well.

A return to “normality”

Looking back on 2022 saw a welcome return to a normal year for us. The weekend work came flooding back with the return of charity fundraising events again. It was brilliant to see people having fun on our games again. We brought back our costume games much to the delight of the teams taking part.

People were glad to get back out there again and it was great for us to be doing so. Our first big charity day of 2022 had 20 teams raising money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and it was a very busy and successful day. We’ll be with them again in May 2023 and we’re really looking forward to it.

The return of fancy dressed teams!

One of the many aspects of our It’s A Knockout’s is our encouragement for the teams to come in fancy dress. Not only does it help add colour and fun to the day, but it aids the scoring of the games… “The Justice League team in lane 1 please, Cheerleaders in lane 2, and the Minions in lane 3!”

See our separate blog of Fancy Dress Teams 2022 with some great images of some of the teams.

Travel? Yes we travelled in 2022

Our travels in 2022 have taken from Scotland to Wales to Cornwall. So far that (including those dreaded fuel rises) by the beginning of August we’d spent more on fuel in 2022 than for the whole of 2021. From town to village we’ve been taking our games up and down the country once again.

Hot Hot Hot

Wasn’t the weather great this year? Though not consistent. On one particular day our Silver Show was in Glasgow in the rain, whilst the Bronze Show was down in Southampton in the glorious sunshine. Everyone of course had a great time wet or dry.

Looking back on 2022, a sad reflection.

One sad reflection for 2022 was the passing of the Queen. A number of our staff are ex-forces and fondly remember experiences with her and Philip. A poignant moment for us was the flying of our flags at half-mast and the playing of God Save The King on our p.a. in the time afterwards to mark her passing.

Forward to 2023

We’ve got some great plans for 2023. Firstly, there’s a big announcement coming in January. We’re also pegging our prices for a third year (yes, no price rises again). We’ve stopped spending on ppc advertising which has saved a pretty penny, a saving we can pass this big saving onto our clients. We’re fortunate that we attract enquires naturally and through recommendations and repeat bookings which we prefer.

Savings we can pass onto our customers.

Where to in 2023?

Keep your eyes pealed to our events page for charity and community days where people can enter teams. Here is some of the list as of dates in as of now… Brackley, Burton-on-Trent, Colchester, Coventry, Exeter, Greenock, Holyhead, Ipswich, Jersey, Kent, Motherwell, Reigate, Sheffield, Skipton, Southampton, Stevenage, Swindon, Watford.

Your 2023 day

Please contact us if you are planning a participation day in 2023. Our games are great for charity and community days, special celebrations days, corporate events, team building and school/college activity days.