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The Free Fun Christmas Quiz 2021!

Each year we at Knockout Challenge publish a Free Fun Christmas Quiz to help spread the joy. For 2021 the quiz is once more a super BUMPER edition. It has MORE pictures, MORE rounds and more fun-fun-fun !

In fact, this years quiz has a massive 97 points in total available within the three fun packed pages.

Christmas Quiz 2021

For this years quiz, Page 1 has 12 Christmas TV Still’s and 12 Film Still’s to identify. On page 2 there are 12 UK Christmas Number 1 song music video still’s, a Christmas Film Characters Round and the popular sweet wrappers round. These two pages can be used as table quiz sheets. Lastly, as usual, there are 25 Christmas Questions, plus a Multiple Choice Round.

Fun Fun Fun!

Many use our quiz for office parties and get togethers. So there is an extra Answer Sheet that can be downloaded for scribbling the answers down on. Or of course everyone can just yell the answers out !!!

Use all three pages or whatever you wish. There is film questions, tv questions, bible questions, alcohol questions, easy ones and hard ones. Have fun-fun-fun!

Free Fun Christmas Quiz

The Quiz Answers

Ready for the answers to this years quiz? (This link/quiz has now been archived until next Christmas)


For any questions about our quiz please Contact Us, we are glad to receive thoughts and feedback. We will happily re-brand the quiz free of charge for any charities that have used our services within the last three years. DISCLAIMER. Endeavours have been made not in infringe copywrite on material used in this quiz and it is used under the fair usage criteria.

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