At Knockout Challenge we’re proud of our games. We have Great Games. In fact we’re the market leaders. We’ve been supplying It’s A Knockout for over 30 years and we know what’s funny, what works and what knockout is all about.

It’s not just running around on the grass or irrelevant running up and down on inflatables. We have great content and great quality. Often remarked as ‘better than we’ve had before’ from new clients. Better ran, funnier and more engaging.

It’s a mixture of big and smaller inflatables, wet and dry, relay and team activities. It’s the thought and our experience that helps us create the unbeatable Knockout Challenge experience.

We’re simply the best at It’s A Knockout.

It’s All About the Games!

Our great games are good for all ages. No one gets left out. Everyone, in every team, gets to take part in every game (if they want to).

Our games are scalable as well, meaning that we can adapt them to different abilities.

Dressing Up and Costumes.

What is funnier than Penguins, Kangaroos or funny dromedary horses taking part in an It’s A knockout? Visual, funny and iconic, everyone loves the dressing up on knockout’s. Our Bronze Show and Silver Show both have TWO dressing up games each. Our Gold Show has three dressing up games. WOW !!!

Wet and Dry Games.

We know everyone likes the wet and bubble games. Usually, half of the games we offer are wet and bubble ones, half dry ones. We still conscious though of wasting water, and use it as appropriate. Gone are the days of filling swimming pools with thousands of gallons of water and then throwing it away at the end of the day. Give us a standard hose to our knockout area and well give you a great day of fun.

All this AND we’re top on Safety as well.

Not only are we the best at what we do for content, but clients come back to us saying we have the best safety protocols as well. To read more about this please see our new Safety page. Here you can read about how we run things. From the recording of wind speeds and inflatable unit pressure’s at events, Risk Assessments, staff training, health & safety policy, equipment safety certificates and much more.

Knockout Challenge owner Phil Pike also provides talks on the safe use of inflatable’s for SAG’s and local authorities. Including the headings of BSEN14960, ETIS7 (to be reissued in 2024) and HSG175.

Contact Us.

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