Welcome to the home for our Free Fun Quiz’s. This new Quiz Page will host any fun quiz’s that we post.

Over the years we have posted many Free Fun Quizzes. This includes our very popular Christmas Quiz. Hosting lots of quizzes over multiple pages was clogging up our site, so all our quizzes will now appear here. Bookmark it now!

Our Free Quizzes.

Each year since 2008 we have posted a Fun Christmas Quiz. Plus we have been known to also publish an Easter and Halloween Quiz. All these pages were clogging up our main site. Why publish them? Just because we like to entertain.

We archive our quizzes pretty quickly as we are primarily an It’s A Knockout games company, our quizzes are published just for a bit of fun.

The 2023 Free Christmas Quiz.

Sorry, the quiz have now been archived.

This years quiz starts off with the usual TV and Film pictures to name. Page 2 has Christmas Number 1’s Record Sleeves (oldies please explain to Millennials what a record sleeve is). Plus there is a Festive Cocktails Quiz, and the ever popular sweets and chocolate letters quiz. To finish off, page 3 has 25 questions, 5 multiple choice and a tie break question. It’s out of a total of 88 points !

There are three downloads to the quiz. If you are reading the quiz out, there is a blank answer sheet for people to write answers down on. In which case print pages 1 and 2 as table-quizzes and the blank answer sheet. The answers are download link number 3.

Christmas Quiz 2023

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Easter Quiz 2023.

Easter eggs quiz clip art banner

To help spread a little joy, we are sharing our Free Fun Easter Quiz again for people to have fun completing. Sorry, there’s no prizes up for grabs, just the fun of taking part.

Our great quiz is made up of two pages of fun. The questions are themed around Easter, eggs, rabbits, hares and chocolate. Page 1 is a picture sheet. This page includes television and film pictures stills to identify plus the popular sweet chocolate wrappers round with the words Eastertime written in letters from sweet wrappers. Page 2 has 30 questions. The whole quiz has 56 points available.

Download the Easter Quiz now !

Our quiz has a 2 sided PDF and an ‘Answers Page’. Have Fun !
++The Easter Quiz is now archived.++


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