It’s time to look back and have a 2021 Knockout Roundup of the Knockout Challenge events of the year. Looking back at the many schools, and the little bit of fundraising and team building events that took place as well.

Schools and Youth Events 2021

This has been a year for us of nearly all school and youth events. Mainly because they have benefitted from having the children in covid-bubbles. Just a few changes and formats to the games were needed. We kept our promise though, that every child in every team can take part in every game if they want to.

Year bubbles, class bubbles and sanitising before and after each game meant our Knockout’s could run in a covid-secure surrounding. Many teachers telling us it was great to see the children enjoying themselves and bonding again.

For more information about how our games can be used by schools, colleagues, universities and youth days please go to our special School’s Page.

Knockout Roundup.

Yes, schools were the main outing for us in 2021. As the year progressed and restrictions were lowered, it was good to start ‘playing’ with the adults again as some adult fundraising and adult team building days took place. After days with hundreds and hundreds of children doing our games, this added some welcome variety.

Team building games 2021
It’s A Knockout Roundup 2021

Sanitising & Hygiene.

We think that covid will still be a concern for a while yet. This is why we have dropped our costume games for the time being. Although fun and colourful, the sanitising of them between each persons use means that realistically, for most days, it’s better to run these games differently. Our costume games can be requested if required.

2022, Onwards and up !

Our Knockout Roundup wouldn’t be complete without a look-forward as well. It is great to see so many people already looking forward and planning for summer 2022. Our charity day bookings are very positive at the moment. Just a few of those in so far include, Aylesford, Basingstoke, Chippenham, Edinburgh, Frome, Greenock, Guernsey, Jersey, Melton Mowbray, Reading, Southport, Swindon, Wincanton.

Some new exciting inflatable’s are in the pipeline for 2022. Our Silver Show has a number of new games in the making and it will be getting a new 55ft long ‘aeroplane’ themed slide.

Knockout Roundup 2021

Charity & Community Days 2022.

We’re really looking forward to a bit more normality for 2022. It’s good to see the substantial return of charity days and community days. What better way to bring the community together that host a family day with an It’s A Knockout as a centre attraction. See our Town & Village Shows page and Charity Fundraising page for details.