As our 2023 season is drawing to a close, it’s time to look back at some of the great teams we’ve had taking part in our games in 2023. Now that the nation is getting back into the swing of things after the ‘C’ word (covid), the return to a normality is taking place. Part of this is the return of It’s A Knockout fun days of old. We love it when teams come in fancy dress etc. It adds extra fun into the day.

So, lets look back at some of the knockout teams 2023 that we’ve managed to get a shot of. Taken up and down the land at charity and hospice days, town days and corporate days.

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress teams are brilliant. Teams must have so much fun thinking about how they are going to theme their team. In this blog you’ll see a variety of teams that have take part in our games this year. Some have gone way over board with their theme, some have just come along in T-shirts (which is still fine).

Knockout Teams 2023

Of course, it doesn’t just stop at fancy dress. We encourage the teams to bring supporters (cheerleaders), design their own Joker Card, and maybe even a mascot! We give the teams extra points for all this. Why? Otherwise the boring fit teams have a head start on the fun colourful teams that absolutely make the day.

Knockout 2024

Are you taking part in one of our It’s A Knockout’s in 2024? If so, have a look at these images and also our other blogs Fancy Dress Teams 2022 and It’s A knockout Teams 2019 for ideas for when you take part.

We also have some more great images and albums on our Flickr account as well. Have fun creating!

Contact Us

If you are organising a participation day in 2024, please contact us. We’ll talk you through our sets of games and how we are the premier choice for It’s A Knockout games in the UK.