Knockout Family Fundays.

One of our It’s A knockout’s makes a great centre-piece for family fundays. Our games being the focal point of the day with an arena full of fun and games.  Then place any side shows, catering and attractions added around the edge of the games area. The games are run in a fun atmosphere with commentary by our compere/commentator geeing the teams on and making the day engaging and entertaining. Why not also run some children’s teams through some scaled versions of the games during an adult games lunch break?

Family Fun Days

Corporate Events.

This makes our It’s A Knockout’s ideal for a family fun day, corporate family day and for general entertainment events. Each year many social clubs, sports clubs and organisations use our games for their family day. Many times adding a charity edge to it by raising funs for a cause at the same time (and why not?). Please see our Charity Fundraising Page for more details.

The Kings Banquet Game at a family funday

It’s A Knockout Funday

We offer three sets of standard packages of games that are suitable for family fun days, each suited to different scale of day. Click below for basic details or call us to talk you through your ideas. As a guide, we suggest the set of games that matches the scale of day and number of teams taking part. However, we would always suggest the Bronze Show as ideal if you’ve not ran such an event before. However, for larger events our Silver Show is ideal as it has more inflatables and games.

For Family Fun Days we suggest the following (click the badge to go to the relevant games page).

Or Contact Us to us to talk us through your requirements.

Discount Knockout Dates.

Remember, we have a number of discounted dates available. These are available on a first-come basis. Please see our article Knockout discountable dates 2024.

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