Our It’s A Knockout games packages are ideal for School Activity Days. We can easily cope with large numbers of children in one session. Plus with a full Covid Secure Risk Assessment in place, the games can still be ran in the current difficult circumstances.

A games session can be ran with children taking part in their year bubbles. We carry out a ‘periodic clean’ during the day to conform with government guidelines. Please see our earlier Covid Secure School’s Games blog for details of the measures we have in place. The children can let off some steam and interact in our team building inflatable games atmosphere whilst the day is ran as covid-safe as possible.

a child taking part in an activity day
School Activity Days

Inflatable Games.

Our games use some great colourful inflatables to keep the students entertained. We perform a ‘deep clean’ at the start of the day using a specialist cleaner. This is followed up with periodic clean as-and-when necessary. Of course the wet and bubble games use lots of bubbles anyway. They almost self clean themselves naturally as the games play out.

School year ‘bubbles’

Keeping the children in their year ‘bubbles’ helps the day run smoothly with less fuss. Whilst a year group is spread out amongst half of our games, our staff will be attending the other games to carry out the periodic clean schedule. This works well with a year group of up to 200 children. With current government guidelines, we can run two sessions in a day, each with up to 200 students per session. However, once restrictions start to decrease this number can double per session.

a school activity day it's a knockout
School Activity Days

School Activity Days Page

For further reading about how our games can be used for a school activity days or reward days by visiting our School’s Page. Here you can read and see images about how our games can used to keep hundred’s active simultaneously. Our promise is that every child in every team can take part in every game if they wish to, no one is left out.