Our colourful and exciting games can be ran for schools and still be covid secure.

At present, schools, colleges and universities have the best ability to still run an activity or rewards day using our fun It’s A knockout inflatable games. Readers of our blogs will know that we’ve instigated an enhanced cleaning programme for our equipment and staff have undertook extra training to help us run the games covid secure.

Covid Secure Schools Games

Covid Measures.

Some of our extra measures include the providing of hand sanitising stations in the games area, deep and periodic equipment cleaning, and changes to the format of our games sessions. We’ve constructed a special Covid Risk Management document which we have run past the HSE for comment.

Schools are working in year bubbles with their students. This has therefore made the ability of running activity, reward and induction days to be covid-safe possible. For days with more year groups, we just need to operate a periodic clean between the year groups. Having split sessions gives us the ability to clean between year groups. We also suggest that teachers run hand sanitising stations. The students can hand-sanitise before and after each heat of a game. We supply the hand sanitiser for the games (please see the above right-hand image).

Covid Secure School Games

Split Sessions / Year Groups.

To help the games run according to the guidelines, we suggest sessions be kept to year groups as this is how schools are currently operating. If more than one year group is taking part or there are to be large numbers, we suggest splitting the session so that we can perform a periodic clean between. Formats and suggestions are all outlined in our Covid Risk Assessment document.

Covid Secure Games

Roadmap Step 4 Update.

As of late July 2021, we are now on a revised Version 6 of our Covid Risk Assessment. A copy is available for all our clients are is available in our Controller’s Pack of compliance documents.

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