Goodbye 2020

Our first blog of 2021 is just a quick events update for those thinking ahead to the brighter times. The “light” at the end of the tunnel now thankfully seems to be glistening and beckoning towards us. We just have a few more months of difficulty to overcome.

Looking Forward.

We know by our enquiries (little though they may be) that schools and scout/youth camps are feeling confident for the middle of the year. We have this anticipation and hope as well. Although firm dates aren’t yet being asked about yet, the field work is being done by organisers. This will prepare to be ready to kick into gear when the times allow.

Hold A Date Free of Obligation

As an events update, we are offering organisers the ability to hold a 2021 date date free of any obligation (including a deposit needing to being paid) until Easter. By this time the UK should be in a position where organisers can have confidence to arrange a 2021 day. Please contact us to hold a date as we anticipate that prime mid and late season dates will be under demand as charity organisers try to get their vital fundraising back on track again.

Charity fundraising

Out it’s A knockout games are ideal for charity fundraising days. We have some great games, packages and ideas for charity events. Contact Us for details or go to our Charity Fundraising Page for more detail’s.

Scout, Guides and youth days

Our games are ideal for keeping lots of kids active simultaneously. Our games can easily incorporate up to 720 per session. When multiple sessions are held over a day this equates to thousands being able to take part. Of course the way (and format) we run the games differs from when we’re running a charity day with adult teams. However, even with the numbers being greatly increased, we still guarantee that everyone, in every team can take part in every game if they wish to. No one gets left out!

Stay Safe We’re almost there.

We hope everyone the best in these times and lets hope we bounce back stronger.

Covid Secure Games.

Please see our earlier blog about how we have made our games covid secure including extra cleaning and procedures. Contact Us for more details.