Our inflatable courses are a great alternative for those adrenaline rush participation events. Obstacle courses can be ran competitively with individual times taken for the participants or with team relay times instead.

By using the inflatables from our sets of games, we can construct courses from a hundred or so feet to over three hundred feet in length. The choice of course would relate to how energetic you wish them for the competitors. A course can be in a straight line or in an arch or square shape overall.

Inflatables Courses.

We offer three grades of obstacle course. Gold, Silver and Bronze. To get an idea of the Bronze course please see the YouTube video below. The request we usually have for a course tends to be that they are continuous. This means that the inflatables and obstacles are end-on-end without a gap apart from our safety matting. However, in some circumstances we can spread them all out a little with gaps between to make the course longer.

Courses start at 100 feet long and can go to over 300 feet. Gaps or traveling space can be added between the obstacles to make the course even longer. Courses can be ran dry or wet. A wet course would mean that inflatables such as our inflatable slides can be used.

Bronze Course Video

Watch a walk through our Bronze Obstacle Course below.

Please note: We do not do any Mudder Events. Mudder days destroy our lovely colourful inflatables, severely impact the wear and tear and they also take hours to clean up afterwards. These courses are not available for weekends.

More Videos.

Our YouTube Channel has many videos of our games in action. Please go to our Knockout Challenge YouTube Channel to see more.

Contact Us about our obstacle courses.

Please contact us for details and images of our inflatable courses.