Our Small Print

Firstly, our Business Terms & Conditions are on this page link… Terms & Conditions.

Cancellations are a big problem for us as it leaves gaps in our diary. If you are a charity, or organiser who is enlisting teams to help pay for an event, we wish to make the following points clear.

  1. When you book us, we will start to decline work and enquiries away from the date of your event.
  2. Your events geography may also effect how we can sell the dates either side of yours (for example we may have to turn down work for the day before or after because of travelling distances.
  3. Out of courtesy we will decline other public event enquiries near you if they could affect the recruiting of teams for your event (Time & Distance Policy, within 20 miles and 6 weeks either side = 3 months in total).
  4. During the summer months we have staff “on salary” and expenses that have to be met.
  5. When our prices are worked out, we divide our costs by the reasonable amount of days that we can expect to be working that season.
  6. Therefore, when you book us, you buy a “slot of our expenses” or date in our diary against this expectation.

… so cancellations or even just postponing or changing the date will cause us financial loss. Therefore, please be aware of our cancellations policy. If you do not agree with it, please do not book us. There is not a “we haven’t got any teams, so we’re cancelling, and therefore there is zero cost to pay” clause. We’re a professional and responsible operator and in return we expect our clients to be responsible financially to any agreement they make as well.

We’re sorry if this upsets anyone, however, we have over time been the victim of irresponsible clients who have cost us a great deal of money. Being one of the few top-tear suppliers of It’s A Knockout in the UK, means we have to abide by many regulations (which cost us money) and also have invested in a lot of expensive equipment & games (which cost us money).

There is only a limited amount of days each season where we can work and recoup this, and we have to protect ourselves and our other clients to make sure cancellations etc do not stop us fulfilling other events and obligations.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this matter, please get in touch with us. Payment Terms. Please be aware of the payment schedules of our invoices. “Balance” & “Full Fee” Invoices are “cheque on the day” or BACS 7 days before the day. Other Term’s may involve a supplement. All other invoices including “Deposit” invoices are 14 days. Late payments may incur a surcharge. You will find details of this on all our invoices and our Business Terms & Conditions Page (see link at the top of the page).

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