For our It’s A Knockout Round Up 2019 and our last Blog of the year we look back with a smile at the years It’s A knockout events that we have attended.

Our season this year started in early March and finished well into December. As usual, we’ve racked up a few miles in our travels. This year we’ve been as far south as Jersey and as far north as mid-Scotland. Including the width and breadth of our Isles in between. Our It’s a knockout’s have visited a variety of days and events including charity fundraising days, family fun days, village and town shows, festivals, galas, company days, team building and even the odd private event as well.

It’s A Knockout Round Up 2019


We’ve helped lots of various charities raise money and awareness for their causes in 2019.
And it’s great that many still consider using one of our It’s A Knockout’s year-on-year for this purpose.
Many of the team pictures you see are our website are from charity days we’ve been to. It’s great when they attend in fancy dress, it adds fun and sets everything up for an exciting atmosphere.

It’s A Knockout Round Up 2019


Any client of ours that wishes to recruit the general public to enter teams into their day can publicise their day through our social network and website.
We’re the only knockout to do this. Your day will get listed on our Events Page and Facebook page.


In between the big kids (adults) taking part in our games, we’ve provided our games for lots of schools and colleges as well. This year thousands of kids have ran across our inflatables, got wet and had fun on our games. We’ve had some pretty big team number days in 2019. Our biggest was for CamJam (Cambridge Scouts Jamboree), with over two thousand scouts taking part in our games in one day. And in this instance, as with all our sets of games, every scout in every team took part in every game, no one was left out.

To see more of our antics in 2019, please see our It’s A Knockout Teams 2019 post.

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