Discounts 2021

To make our traveling around the UK more efficient, this page has some of our discountable dates for 2021 (so far). This is to help discount our prices to aid event organisers. This blog will be update numerous times during the year, so please check back for updates.

The dates below are a reflection of just some of the Knockout’s already booked with us. In between these we are sometimes left with an advantageous gaps in our diary. Below are these dates and the areas that we are in. If your date is flexible and can coincide geographical with these we can discount our prices accordingly (sometimes by up to 50%).

Please note that this is not a diary sheet of bookings. On many dates we’re fully booked or are already in a string of traveling days from place-to-place. Some discount dates may already have already been filled. This is a live list and can change at any time. So get in quick and bag a discount !!!

The dates listed are the dates that we are booked, your date would need to be either side of this and within 120 miles of the area stated below.

Discounted Date List.

June 4th, mid-Scotland.

June 29th, Midlands

5th July, Midlands.

8th July, Midlands.

9th July, North west England.

13th July, Midlands.

July 12 & 13. A school has changed their 2 day event to September because of covid. The Silver Show can be discounted on these two days.

14th July , Midlands

19th July, Midlands

21st July, Dorset

23rd July, Sunderland.

27th July, North England.

4th August, NE England.

6th August, Sunderland

13th August, Leeds

17th August, N England

25th August, Leeds

27th August, Manchester.

29th August, Nth Lincs

4th & 5th September, Guernsey.

The dates above will be specific to the set of games already booked with us (typically the Bronze Show or Silver Show). Even if your date does not coincide with one of the dates or areas listed above, please do still contact us. When we look at our date sheet and the travelling involved between events already booked with us, there may still be other dates available that can be discounted. It’ always worth a call!

Please Contact Us for further information of dates and areas. Our Knockout Challenge Facebook page will also be updated as well.