Free Fun Easter Quiz

To help spread a little joy, we are sharing our Free Fun Easter Quiz again for people to have fun completing.

Our great quiz is made up of two pages of fun. The questions are themed around Easter, eggs, rabbits, hares and chocolate. Page 1 is a picture sheet. This page includes television and film pictures stills to identify plus the popular sweet chocolate wrappers round with the words Eastertime written in letters from sweet wrappers. Page 2 has 25 questions plus a tie-break one question.

Download our light-hearted quiz to try amongst your friends, family or colleagues. If you are using it for a completion, there is a tie break question on the answers sheet where the ‘nearest to’ answer gets the extra valuable point.

Download the Easter Quiz now !

Our quiz is made of of three files which can be downloaded onto your own device. The links to these are below:
Page 1: Easter Picture Rounds Quiz (the quiz has now been archived until next Easter)
Page 2; Twenty Five Easter Questions (the quiz has now been archived until next Easter)
Answers Page (the quiz has now been archived until next Easter)

Have Fun !

Let us know how you get on with the quiz. But remember, it’s just a bit of fun. Have a great Easter and stay safe.

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