For charities wishing to have a fundraising event, we always suggest our Bronze Show as a good starting point.  Especially if it is your first time running a fundraising event. We class our knockout’s as Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, as a big operator of “Knockout”, our Bronze Show is actually bigger than many other knockout companies games anyway. Therefore our Bronze Show is bigger than some others premium shows to start with.

So what does it include?

# Seven games that lasts about 2 and a half to 3 hours (this can easily be expanded).
# It’s very colourful and impressive at half the size of a football pitch.
# Four of these use large running across type inflatable games.
# It has the ever-popular funny and visual bubble and dressing up games.
# Although the starting price covers up to 9 teams taking part, more can be added at a very reasonable cost.
# We have our own PA system so no need to get a sound system or DJ in.
# Prizes are supplied such as Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and a winners trophy.
# Our truck has its own generators so we don’t need power.
# Full Risk Assessments and Safety Documents in place to give peace of mind.

The Bronze Show for charity events

The Bronze Show for charity events

Although it lasts about 3 hours a break can be added in the middle before the wet games so the teams can spend money at any other stalls present.
This would give a sample days times as.
09.00: We arrive.
11.00: The “gates” open.
12.00: The First part of the knockout, the dry games.
13.30: Lunch break, time for a burger!
14.30: Part 2 of the knockout, the wet games.
16.00: The scores are read out and the presentation of the prizes.

Charity Fundraising.

The primary way that charities raise money is to get the teams to pay or sponsor themselves to take part.
First time clients ask by “how much do charities normally charge the teams?” Some set the entrance at a small amount such as £250 a team, hoping to get more engaged or interested, some have set it at a quite high figure of £1,000 a team. We did on event in Lisburn (NI) a couple of years ago where the charity asked for £1,000 a team, and 14 teams took part.

A good line we suggest is something like “It’s £500 to enter a team, so if there are 10 of you, that’s only £50 a head”. By suggesting that bonus points are awarded relating to how much charity money is raised is a great way to encourage the teams to keep on fund raising rather than just stopping at the entry fee as well.

Individual Game Sponsorship.

An extra way to get much needed charity income is to invite local companies to sponsor each of the individual games (£250 each for example).

Bronze Show for charity events

Bronze Show for charity events

On the day these companies get a game named after them. We will also be mentioned by our commentator. Sponsors can also erect advertising signs around their game and even help to time keep on it. A good way for the charity to fill space free is to have a teams village area. Each team can be encouraged to bring a gazebo and use it as their HQ for the day. Team gazebos also mean that the teams have somewhere to shelter if it rains, or it is scorching hot (we can wish can’t we?).

As you may know, we have an Events Page where details of your event can be placed. Each week we get many enquiries from small groups of people wishing to take part in one of our It’s A Knockout’s.

By placing details on our events page (and our Facebook Page) we can help you spread the word about your day.

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