What is the process when booking a Knockout Challenge? How to book us?

Once you have looked through our website, what is the process of booking us, and what happens next? When you wish to book one of our It’s A Knockout games we will need some obvious details such as, venue address and games times. This how to book us blog explains everything you need to know.

Contract Agreement.

We will issue a Contract Agreement which lists the set of games booked, venue address, games times and numbers taking part. Please be aware of our Terms & Conditions and our Small Print information as these are important. The Agreement we issue will be sent via Signable. This company offer the facility of electronically signing on a computer, tablet or phone. A copy of the completed Agreement is automatically sent to you afterwards. We will also ask for a deposit (usually 20%). This is sent as a PDF from our accounts software. We require both of these completed within 14 days of issue. Please make sure you have any permissions or purchase order numbers in place before booking us.

Client Part of the Knockout Challenge Website.

Once we have received the deposit and the Agreement has been signed, we will send details of the Client Part of our website. This unique part of our website has two pages for organisers and the teams taking part in the games.

Some of our Compliance documents

# The Organisers Page.

Our Organisers Page in a unique source of information for our clients. It contains a wealth of invaluable information, documents and images to help organisers prepare and publicise their day. Including:

  • Our Controller’s Pack. All of our compliance documents such as Risk Assessments (Site setup, Operational, Fire and Covid). Details of our £10m public liability insurance, In-service certificates (such as ADIPS, PIPA and LOLER). Site plans, games lists, staff training. No one else has a pack of information this comprehensive!
  • A General Information Pack. A compilation of everything you need to know about how the games are set up and ran. Such as formats for the games. Health & Safety, how we score the games, charity ideas and protocols. In total, it is 29 pages of ‘how to get the best out of the experience’.
  • Information podcast videos. These walk-around videos narrate how the games arena looks, the set up and how we comply with official guidance.
  • High resolution images. There are gallery’s of high resolution images to use for publicity.
  • Publicity material. Including a sample Press Release, sample posters and clip art to use if making your own publicity. There are also examples of social media useable clipart. For inspiration. there are examples of event programmes that previous clients have printed for their days.
  • School/Parental Consent Letter. For schools we have a sample downloadable Parental Consent Letter.
  • Official Guidance. Copies of the guidance we (and organisers) must adhere to.
Our Controller’s Pack

IMPORTANT: Access to our Organisers Page and compliance documentation is available strictly only after a contract agreement has been signed. These documents etc have sensitive company and staff details that are for clients only. We have a reduced cut-down basic version for non-clients.

# Teams Page.

We also have a Teams Page to help them prepare for the fun. This page has some great fun ideas for them such as fancy dress, joker cards and mascots. They can download our Team Entry Form and a Team Information Sheet (which gives tips and lets them know how the day runs). Plus, there are sample sponsorship forms (Gift-aid and normal).

Contact Us.

Would like It’s A knockout details from Knockout Challenge? Please contact us for how we can make your day a colourful, funny, day to remember.