Our Gold Show at a glance.

This is a cut down information page for the Gold Show. The Gold Package details are:

  • 12 games as standard (more can be added)
  • Usually, 6 games are dry games, and six games are wet/bubble games.
  • Most customers usually run the games in two halves. The dry games, then a break, then the wet games.
  • The initial starting price covers up to 30 teams taking part (more can be added).
  • It can be expanded up to 72 teams per session. Multiple sessions can be ran in the same day.
  • The games ideally need the size of a football pitch in room.
  • Adds a great Wow Factor to the day.
  • Ideal for the day of extra celebration or many teams taking part. day with an arena of colourful games and obstacles.
  • The games can be adapted for children’s teams making it ideal of a youth camp activity day where hundred’s are taking part.

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