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  1. Bronze Show

    The Bronze Show at a glance This is a cut down information page for our Bronze Show. It’s details are: The Bronze Show has 7 games as standard (more can be added). The initial starting price covers up to 9 teams taking part (more can easily be added) The games last 2 to 3 hours…

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  2. The Silver Show

    Our Silver Show offers a great set of It’s A Knockout games. As standard it has 8 games, covers up to 12 teams taking part and lasts 3 to 4 hours. Our Silver It’s A Knockout games package has eight games and needs just over half the size of a football pitch. It is one…

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  3. Testimonials

    Don’t believe us? Read some Testimonials that our happy clients have to say after using us. Hi Phil, It was a great day and enjoyed by everyone. Many said it was better than what they thought it would be. Every team got into the spirit of it, and all turned up in their fancy dress…

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  4. Blog & News

    Welcome to our News & Blog Central. Read our latest blog and news articles from here and catch up with what’s happening at Knockout Challenge.

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  5. Events

    Each year our It’s A knockouts travel the UK. For many of theses days, events, festivals, Town Shows and charity days the general public are invited to enter teams. As a service to our clients that are seeking public teams, below are some of the dates where small groups of people can enter a team…

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  6. Mini Knockout

    The Mini Knockout is great for the smaller team building type day. Our Mini It’s A Knockout offers a smaller scale of games than our larger packages that travel on HGV’s. The Mini Package is our budget set of games, and is available in two versions. The standard set has six games, and the Plus…

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  7. The Gold Show

    The Gold Show has 12 games and has a great Wow factor for events! Our Gold Show It’s A Knockout is ideal for the bigger and grander day. It has 12 games and needs about the size of a football pitch in room. At it’s starting price, up to 30 teams can take part, but…

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  8. Gold Show

    The Gold Show has 12 games and can last 4 to 5 hours.

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  9. Silver Show

    The silver show has 8 games and lasts about 4 hours.

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  10. Bronze Show

    The Bronze Show has 7 games and can last up to 3 hours if required.

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